Mu-so Naim doesn' t work after update

Problems after updating

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We’ll need a touch more detail in order to help you. Could you tell us which Mu-so you have, and which firmware update you’ve just completed?

Sorry for the delay, I was away. I have mu-so I with serial number 1311012309 bought four years ago. I opened the muso application on my phone, I pressed finding rooms and as always it found my muso. It pointed that an update was available named Muso_V2.0.0(14777)_1.1NAP3_4284.bcd. I downloaded the file and then it warned not to close the machine while updating and transferring the file there. Indeed the machine stopped playing and the big round button had a turning flashing. After some time I checked again and since then the machine is completely dead. I pulled out the power, pressed the reset button, tried with my phone to find it, but no success. It looks to me like there is no power supply. Maybe the update led to overpowering and burnt it, I am not sure. Can you help me with the next step. Thank you in advance

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