Mu-so Qb 1. Generation not possible to power on/off on touchscreen

Hi, I am new here and not sure if that is the right place for my question.

I habe a Muso Qb 1. Generation and cant power on and off on the touchscreen

Firmware is 1.8.0 from 2019-02-07 and App Version is 5.16.

Connected over cable and WiFi same problem.

May have anyone a solution and ist the firmware version actual?

I reseted the Qb many times and and tryed also to update the firmware over the browser, but I need the firmware file, where I can get them?

I have also 2 Muso 2. Generation, they are working percect.

Thank you,


Your firmware and app are the latest versions.
Firmware 1.8.0 and App 5.16.
I never use the touch on / off on mine (I always use the app) so I can’t help you but, it should work.

Is the power button lit on your Qb?
Is cleaning mode still a thing on the QB? If so, this could have been engaged (but can’t remember how to disengage it - probably from the app.)

I have the same issue with my muso 1st gen. It’s been like that for last couple of years, and I power up using the remote.
All other functions on the wheel work as intended.

Me too, I just use remote and app, suspect it’s not economical to get fixed…

Sounds like it could be a design fault.
Maybe Naim should remedy this FOC

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