Mu-so Qb 2 in bathroom?!

Not sure about the A15 but I believe some Audipro products do support Qobuz natively. Might be worth asking them.


Thx, I already use F-Droid/OSS apps and diversify providers/developers wherever I can for quite a long time.
Also used 3rd party OS. I tried CyanogenMod a couple of times on some devices - it always became a mess sooner or later and even while it worked many services/apps didn’t run properly any more. Btw - GrapheneOS is currently for Pixel phones only, while I do not want one of that (same issue as Sonos) - love my Xperia 1 V.
But you are absolutely right. With much time, knowledge and effort you can def. ‘swim against the current’ and lock the big players out (except for their software backdoors and secret services interfaces).

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Good point. :sweat_smile:

Given the location, I might be inclined (if music in the bathroom was that important to me) to install multi weather in-ceiling speakers like those offered by Qacoustics or JBL. Have the amp outside the room which you can control from a waterproof phone. An entry level NAD amp and Qacoustics speakers aren’t a lot more expensive than the Qb. The in-weiling installation is going to cost more by far, but might be worth it.

As others have mentioned, it seems odd in the UK because the UK has really strict code around that that won’t apply to you (some of the code makes no sense either but we won’t go there). Regardless of those issues, any audio device in a steamy room is not likely to fare well unless specifically designed for it.

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I guess it’s not what you are looking for (feature wise) and it’s likely not available any more (model is from 2012, I think I bought it in 2013), but for reference: I got a Pioneer XW-SMA3-K for my (small) bathroom, due it being advertised as „outdoor“ and „a bit water resistant“.
It’s been operating fine for a decade now, sits on top of my mirrored bathroom cabinet (I got the cable behind the cabinet, near impossible to throw or pull it off), and can live with the environment. (There’s no long-term sauna mode in the room, it’s mostly surviving showers with about 90% humidity, but only for 10 minutes or so.)

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