Mu so QB 2 remote battery change

Having struggled myself and after reading peoples woes on here I finally manged to open the pesky QB remote. The latch you need to depress is dead central on the remote body. I found a nice thin electricians screwdriver and gently pushed it into the gap between the top and bottom half. No more struggles it practically fell off!!


Thanks, it was still a little difficult but worked. No idea how I would have managed to change the battery without you helpful post.

It’s a poor design, a few people have posted here before that they couldn’t open theirs so it’s not just the odd one that’s stiff. I use a knife pushed into the gap.

This remote is a fail, and a Naim product disaster. I have two of them (for Mu-so and Mu-so Qb2), and the dealer already replaced one because the tab failed when I finally got the battery compartment open: the cover would no longer stay on without tape.

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