Mu-So QB G1 vs G2


I was wondering if anyone could highlight if there is any major improvement in SQ or connectivity between G1 and G2 Mu-So QB. I have the G1, which I am pleased with. I do get the dropouts. However I wasn’t sure if this is unproved and if any major SQ improvement to warrant the upgrade. I tend to use mainly internet radio and streaming from Unit Core, plus occasional Apple Airplay from mac.


Hi, it sounds better and the WiFi is improved, so yes it may be a good upgrade for you.

I think many would be somewhat surprised to hear that the original Musos use 802.11g WiFi modules, which were superseded by the later, improved 802.11n standard several years before they were released. Fortunately the new Musos have the current 802.11ac WiFi, as well as larger buffers, so it’s no surprise that their network performance is considerably better, especially when used wirelessly.
There is also support for Chromecast, Roon and Qobuz. Sound quality is said to be improved too, but I can’t say I’ve ever compared them side by side.

It would be nice if Naim offered a trade up programme to allow first generation owners to upgrade to the second generation for a reduced price (maybe via trade-in). This could be similar to the offer Sonos made for their old generation products.


it’s not been the naim way for 40 years. The older kit ends up on the second hand market giving the opportunity to own used naim kit for good prices rather then the Naim kit end up thrown away.

I think this model does work.

trade in is done via the dealer anyway, who ends up selling the used kit to someone who wants it.

What you have done for the past 40 years may not work for the next 40!
Lifestyle items, such as the mu-So is not going to get traded in at dealers, since they can’t mark them up enough to be worthwhile. This is why a trade-in scheme can help owners feel they have not been short changed (i.e. no upgrade to Qobuz).

Dealers do accpt Muso’s for trade in. I have seen several Naim dealers offering used ones for sale.

You won’t get this with John Lewis or Currys but just having a trade-up scheme where units get scrapped is very poor environmentally.

And what on earth are Naim going to do with a bunch of old Musos?

I am sure this is a question that may have been posed to Apple a few years back. They now offer a trade in against new purchases. I suppose it depends on how recyclable the Naim Mu-so is. I shall just reassign my Gen 1 to another room.

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