Mu-so Qb without internet?

I just moved in tonight. My internet provider is coming tomorrow. Is there any way I can listen to my Qb tonight? I was hoping some way from my iPhone XS Max…My tv in not apply play hip, but I can hook my iPhone to the TV with an HDMI adapter. But with no internet or router I don’t know…what do you think?

Does the QB support Airplay ?

yes, Airplay, not airplay 2…Version 1 Qb

Could you stream music from your phone via Airplay ?

Bluetooth from the phone?


Just watch TV tonight. Leave the music for tomorrow ?

The USB stick of your favourite music you thoughtfully prepared in advance?

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If it’s an original Qb you could connect an iPod, iPhone or iPad via the USB. Or you could use bluetooth.

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Bam! Thank you. I wouldn’t have thought of Bluetooth. Yes!

First selection, totally not audiophile, but all heart today. I’m always richer for having heard them: “Live Between Us” Tragically Hip.

Update: I was playing bluetooth. But now…it’s playing through Airplay! So…answer is yes! Mu-So Qb V1 will play with Airplay and my iPhone XS Max. Yeah! Tomorrow I have cable installed but tonight I (now) have Beethoven No. 7 happening!

Semi-related. I have some guests coming to stay in my apartment while I’m away. I want them to be able to use my Qb 2, but I don’t want to be inundated with wi-fi questions. Can I intentionally disconnect my Qb from wi-fi, leaving them with Bluetooth, cable to smartphone (with dongle) or maybe Airplay?

Bluetooth will work, airplay wont without wifi. A cable plugged in is guaranteed to work.

Actually, my question is how do I disconnect the Muso from my network. Is there something in the app I’m missing?

If you are going to switch off the wifi, then you dont need to do anything. If the wifi stays on, then factory reset the qb.

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Does the Qb have a web interface like the ND streamers? If it does just blank out or change the Wi-Fi password on the unit and restart it so it won’t connect to the network. Or if you can do that with the app on the Qb then do it that way

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