Mu-So QB2 Alarm clock back to sleep time question

Hello Naim community,

I’ve been using a QB2 for a while now and quite happy with it and its features.
Setup an alarm clock for weekdays and weekend, this works fine, however the QB2 always puts itself back into sleep after 30 minutes, I can’t see anywhere in the app customizing this time.

It seems not to be the same setting as the sleep timer, as I tried changing this to different time (in fact normally it’s off) and it doesn’t change anyhow, timer is also not counting down on a wake up alarm.

Does anybody know if this is normal behavior and if this time can be customized?

Thanks, Guido.

There is no mention of this in the manual. But for what it’s worth, our cabin Qb does the same.

At home we use Roon and use that in combination with Logitech Harmony to start morning music. A bit of a roundabout way to do it but it makes sense in a way; the streamers are in 100% normal operation and it works very nicely across brands.

Guido I have the original Muso Qb and it dies the same. There were a couple of threads about this in the past, and from memory I think that the answer is the following ; after the alarm switches on, if there are no user inputs ( eg volume up or down, change of input or radio station etc) then it will turn off by default after 30 minutes. If however you do make an input, then it stays on…



Thanks both for your feedback, did not know the volume trick, but I can confirm that switching presets does indeed cancel it.


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