Mu-So Qb2 streaming quality - BT vs. Chromecast

Hi, I am mostly working in homeoffice, which is actually my kitchen, where I let my Mu-So Qb2 entertain me via Qobuz. So I would like to enjoy the best possible sound quality (technical specification-wise).

I was wondering, which is the better option to connect Qobuz on my Sony Xperia 1 V in terms of best technically possible sound quality - Bluetooth or Google Chromecast.

Does anyone have a reasoned opinion on that? Thx!

Hi the qb2 supports “native” qobuz so use that via the Naim app. This doesn’t use chromecast or Bluetooth.


Thx for the rapid reply!!

Understood, but the Naim app structure is kind of unique and does not work 1:1 like the Qobuz app, so especially switching back and forth using both apps is a bit confusing.

Assumed I wanted to use the native Qobuz app, which connection method would you recommend - BT or Chromecast?

In that case, chromecast.

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Thanks again for the really great support!! Guess we can already close the file on that issue… :sweat_smile:

Nevertheless, having your reply in mind, I will now prefer to use the Naim app.

Chromecast. The Qb 2nd gen doesn’t support any decent quality BT codecs (unlike the 1st gen), so quality will be low. But even the best bluetooth codecs would have still been lossy. Chromecast will be lossless, but it does “only” support up to 96KHz/24bit.

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I can add that I have no experience with Qobuz, but with Tidal I could never tell a difference between using it via the Naim app and using Chromecast, so naturally I preferred the latter.


I don’t want to add any confusion, as I am not so technically experienced. But as far as I understood so far, the Tidal hi-def codecs are not supported natively by the Qb2, so Tidal and Qobuz cannot be compared with each other in this respect.

That used to be correct, but Tidal is switching to using “regular” hi-res, like Qobuz. Although some things will still be available as MQA (codec) only.

Having said that, you can never really compare them anyway as you can’t be certain you’re listening to the same master.

Yes, that is the downside of the online world - everything is only rented these days, and you have no control over what it is in detail. :joy:

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