Mu-so streaming stoppage after 2!

My Streaming issue: Mu-so works splendidly with IRadio, but with UPnP (stored music on Synology NAS) the streamed CD/Album always stops after only 2 songs. As the 3rd song queue’s, streaming stops after the 1st second or two.

I never had the above issue with streaming stoppage with my Naim ND5 XS / XP5 XS. The same
Synology NAS was in use with this system. Therefore my initial concluding assumption is that it has to be the Mu-so.

Running either Minimserver or Synology’s Media Server as UPnP/DLNA servers have the identical result: Streaming stoppage after 2 songs. The Mu-so is at Firmware Update 1.8.00.

The only difference in my current Mu-so set-up vs. my Naim ND5 XS / XP5 XS setup is that the Mu-so is directly ethernet wired via wi-fi router vs. Naim ND5 XS / XP5 XS was wire-less via wi-fi router.

Anyway, I suspect it is a bug in the 1.8.00 Firmware causing streaming stoppage? Can any of the Naim community offer any perspective or recommended fix?

Thank you!

Strange - I have the opposite problem if I use the Synology DS Audio app and the Mu-so. If I select a playlist and the player selected is the Mu-so by accident because I forgot to change it to my main system or whatever, EVERY song on the playlist will play on the Mu-so no matter what I do. Even turning it off results in it turning itself back on to play the next song. The only solution is to click next track over and over after a second or so of playback until we get to the last one and then stopping playback will stop songs popping up on the Mu-so. The time I did it with a 250 song list was fun!

I can assure you that it’s not a fault in 1.8, otherwise everyone’s Muso would be stopping. Are you connected wirelessly? If so try wired and see if the problem goes away.

Currently I am running ethernet wired to Mu-so. My prior Naim set up was wireless. I’ll try wireless this weekend with Mu-so. But I still don’t get why UPnP streaming stops after 2 tracks…streaming halts cold into track 3. Bummer…

Maybe resetting the mu-so to factory settings might help? (Just a guess. I even do not own one.)

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