Muffled sound

I have recently moved house which meant packing up and setting up the hi fi anew. System is cd555,252,300. Nothing is coming through speakers except very faint distorted version of what is supposed to be playing. I have not tried a different source component yet as I don’t own one. Thoughts?

  • Are the Burndies and SNAIC firmly locked on the 252 and the Supercap?
  • Is the CD input selected and not on mute?
  • Is the DIN from source to 252 going into the correct input (i.e. are you not hearing bleed from an adjecent input wrongly connected)?

Short of the obvious, I dunno. Start at the source and follow the cables all the way to the 300 and rule out the obvious first.

All of the above have been checked. I switched the output from din to rca and the problem is still there. A buzz through the speakers and the song faintly playing. When mute is selected a loud pop sound happens.

I think I would disconnect every cable and start over.

Possibly the 252 output mute relay failed. That happened to me last year and I lost a channel completely until it was fixed.

Concerning. Assuming the mains earth is working correctly, something seems very wrong. Do you have a different interconnect to test with the 252 to CD555? Perhaps even a cheap CD player using RCA interconnects. Just to help rule in/out one box at a time starting with the CD555 and the HiLine.

Worth checking that the NAP300 DIN4 to XLR cables are the right way round - Red band to CH2, Green to CH1.

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I had an issue with my CDS3 last year where ine channel was distorted with a lower output. Turned out to be a faulty DAC. I thought it was a tweeter or the power amp zapped by lightening, but it was the CD player. Not sure about the hum issue when connected using RCA.
Sensible advice to try another source which i did not do before sending everything off for service and recapping with the exception of the CD player, which had the same issue when i got back all the amps and power supplies :roll_eyes:

I know this is going to sound stupid but I once had a very similar issue when I had my 252. I couldn’t for the life of me work out what was going on and then my other half looked and said “you haven’t got the CD input selected” to which I replied indignantly “yes I have!” I then realised that what I had selected was the CD record out and the input selected was some unused one! Seems like an impossibly stupid mistake to make but sometimes when you’re flustered/frustrated you can’t see the most obvious thing right in front of your nose. Just a thought.


I have a similar with my CDS 3 where the right channel is dead. Done all the checks and tests and it would seem it’s the DAC has gone faulty.

Yep exactly. The good news with that though is that it can be fixed. At least mine was last Autumn

Well, the CD player was eliminated from mix and was not the culprit. The 252. /super cap are now off to Naim for evaluation.
On a side note I am wondering if it is possible to connect a 300 and 555cd to my Av2 in the short term. It is not totally obvious how the 300 would connect.

I was in a similar position when my 252 went off for repair. I had a pair of RCA-XLR mono cables made up to connect my Atom to my 300DR. I also had a DIN to stereo RCA made so I could connect my Superline as well.

Should be yes. Can you ask your dealer if they have the right cables to lend you?

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