Multi-room: Muso Gen 1 and Qube Gen 2

Hi, I am about to buy a new Qube gen 2, but want to be sure I can multi-room stream that and my Gen 1 muso. Will this be possible?


No problem. I have two Qb1s and a Qb2 and it’s all fine.


I have a gen one Muso that works well with my Atom and NDX2.

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Same here - 2xQB1 and a QB2 plus an NDX2 which all play together nicely.

My store here in the States yesterday only had the Qb V1 on sale, new with warranty, for $399. I almost bought one. And the Mu-so V1 for $749.

Multi-room even gives you a way of listening to Qobuz on a Gen 1 Qb, a nice bonus I wasn’t expecting when I got my Atom.



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