Multi room speaker selector switch

I’m running a UnitiStar.
I want to power in wall (wired) speakers in 2 different rooms. 2 speakers in 2 rooms. Total 4 speakers.
Can you recommend a speaker switcher? I want to have the control of which speakers are on.
Thank you, Perry

Either QED or beresford.

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Hi and welcome. I tried this once with a QED and frankly it didn’t work very well. Firstly a switch box clearly compromised the sound in both rooms but more the volume setting in one room will not be what is required in the 2nd. I have found that a better solution is a Muso in the 2nd room. Sorry!




I’m still considering how to wire up some speakers for multi-room in my house so I feel your pain. I’ve posted a couple of queries here but haven’t done much on the project since. Given that you’re using in-wall speakers I’m assuming this is for good quality general purpose music, as opposed to some of the critical listening setups. (My main system is a SuperUniti and Harbeth P3ESR, with a Muso currently in the Kitchen. Definitely not some of the very impressive setups on here.)

Are the speakers already installed and wired up? If they’re already in, you could test the relative volume with your Star as is by connecting one speaker from room A to the left, and one from room B to the right. Play some music and that’ll give you a rough idea of how loud each room is relative to each other.

What make / model are the speakers? Have a look at the specs for the speakers, specifically the minimum impedance. If they drop below 4 ohm you probably shouldn’t be using two in parallel.

While I wouldn’t rule out a speaker switch, you may be better served by an additional power amplifier. This makes sense if one of the rooms in particular is always used, and other used only some of the time. If this idea makes sense, a second-hand NAP200 (or even NAP150/100) may fit the bill.

For what it’s worth, Naim’s multiroom capability is very useful, but has some shortcomings. It can’t be engaged from Spotify connect, for example, which is the only way my partner uses the system. Also rooms that are usually combined, or are within earshot of each other, having to faff about with multirooming every time can be a nuisance.

(I’m thinking of using a s/h Uniti2 to drive the kitchen speakers, providing a line out to the SU in my living room. Not quite “source first” but would suit our usage patterns a bit more.)

I no longer have any 1st gen streamers, but with 2nd gen models you can use Naim Multiroom with Spotify.

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Thank you all for your comments and suggestions…
Actually, I currently use a Muso in my kitchen and for that application it works beautifully. For these other rooms, I really wanted the better quality sound that would come from Revel W783 wall speakers. I have not purchased them yet although after recent home renovations I was able to install wires in the walls to source from my unitistar positioned in my primary listening room.
At this point, I’m considering going for a separate amplifier with speaker selector built in and using the Unitistar as a preamp. I realize I will have a sound volume issue if I wanted different levels in each room. The layout of my space is really quite open as living room is open to dining room and then open to kitchen. I guess what I’m really after is to have decent quality and quantity of sound room to room (area to area) as I casually move throughout the house. For deep listening I have my triangle set up in the living room the primary listening space. Does this make sense?
Comments welcome.

Please see last post … I do believe a separate amplifier is the way to go. Can you recommend anything else other than the ones you suggested? Something that may be more readily available in North American.
Thanks for your thoughts.

How about a Uniti Atom?

Rather than adding an extra amplifier or all the switching described, either as @LindsayM has suggested an Atom or if looking s/h, then a SU is very capable, used individually or in multiroom mode from Star, would make a very simple, easily managed solution, with likely similar performance levels.
Contrasting the comments by el_soldado, I use multiroom every day and I certainly don’t see any shortcomings, using the Naim app on iOS, to both 1st and new gen streamers. The app as @ChrisSU has mentioned, includes spotify. We all have preferences in how we use a control point, but multiroom definitely works well, in a stable network environment.

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Thank you for the reply Sound-Hound.
Let me get this straight, as audio tech is not my forte’ .
Both you and LindsayM suggested using an Atom … so if I understand correctly, In multi room mode which is an option on my UnitiStar my storage source , send the signal to the atom (or other network connected devices like my Muso) and have the Atom power the second set of speakers…?
The Star and the Atom could have a wired or network connection?

That’s correct, any Naim streamer can use multiroom to play music on more than one system simultaneously.
For music stored on your Star, it will act as a server and the Atom would find and play it.

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As Chris has already commented, yep using for example Star, Naim have facilitated multiroom to work with any combination of old and new streamers including the small standalone boxes like Qb.
If Star and Atom work individually then m-room will work on wired or wifi. Wifi will need to be robust though. Some peps report problems with mesh wifi, which doesn’t do multicast as well as it might.
Unless you need the Atom features, don’t over look a Superuniti - great one box and likely available at much less cost - just make sure the screen is ok, they should be set to turn off, but many weren’t and they do eventually fade. It doesn’t affect the sound but if you found one with poor screen, drive the price right down, have fun via app and then get it changed when service is due. Great product which in some ways I prefer to new uniti (I have both) and likely sound a tad better than Atom. Only difference with new uniti is that it doesn’t do Qobuz via the app, but if that’s you thing, use m-room from Star as the workaround.

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Thanks again to all that have commented. I really appreciate your insights… you’ve given me some good solutions.
In the coming year as I build this system out, I’ll report back on what I eventually chose to do.
Btw, this is the first time I’ve posted to the Naim forum and am pleasantly surprise at the response. Thank you!

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