multi room

I’m new to this forum. I own a Uniti 2. I wish to stream to several other rooms. what is the best strategy? I’ve looked at Muso etc.

The multiroom only works to other Naim components. It works really well - I use with ND555 / Atom / Muso Qb.

Bear in mind that you can’t stream high res music from your Uniti 2 using multiroom.

Your firmware version also needs to be 4.6 or later (4.8 as of today). Multiroom capabilities were added in 4.6.

Multiroom was added way back in version 3.21 but it’s as well to run the latest firmware anyway.

Ah thanks, I misread it - added compatibility with atom/star/nova was 4.8. So uniti 2 <> atom would work.

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