Multidisc Albums with Asset & Naim App

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I’d be interested to hear how you deal with multidisc albums, specifically with Asset and the Naim app. This is primarily (for me) on non-classical albums.

I rip such an album to one folder, with tracks from (let’s say) both discs there. They’re marked as discs 1/2 and 2/2 and the track names all begin 1-01, 1-02…, 2-01, 2-02 etc.

In the Naim app, when I browse via Album Artist I just want to see the one entry for a multidisc album. The tracks are then just presented as a big list numbered 1-30 (for example).

Does anyone do it differently? Is it possible to show separate disks under just one album entry?

I haven’t really been able to envisage what the different multidisc options under Asset actually do or change. Anyone?

I put multi disk albums in a single directory using dbPoweamp (as disk 1 of 1). I rip disk one, then when ripping disk two start the numbering one after the last track of the previous disk (Eg for Pink Floyds “The Wall“, 1-13 and 14-26 and not 01.1-01.13 and 02.1-02.13)

You need to make sure the album name, artist and album artist match exactly or you’ll end up with two directories. :grin:

Asset has a configure option to
(1) Combine Multi Disc Albums as One
(2) Show as Album Disc X (disc 1 & disc 2)
(3) Remove Disc X
(4) Leave untouched

I also do the same as TallGuy with specific albums, The Wall is a good example & should be listened to as one album, unlike an artists collection of unrelated songs.

Apart from the track numbering, I have the same as both of you - The Wall is all in one folder under Pink Floyd, and when you view it in the app I see one album with 23 tracks.
I suppose, what I’m after, is to see the two disks identified separately in the listing (mostly just for info). Most of the time I’d just play the whole of such an album, but sometimes I’d like to jump in at the start of disk 2 (eg in the case of an album with a disk of outtakes). I know that most of the time it’s obvious, but not always.

@Mike-B - I don’t know what difference these options make.

They do exactly as per the description.
Combine Multi Disc Albums as One does just that, the album’s are combined into one, as seen in the Naim app & played as such
Show as Disc X keeps them separate & the app shows them as Greatest Hits, Disc 1 & Greatest
Hits, Disc 2, select & play each separately

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