Multiple connections

What will happen if you connect both rca and din to the cd input?

I assume you mean on a pre-amp? Only one of the 2 inputs is generally active at a time, selected by some options with the remote - check the manual of your device.

Actually I mean the integrated amps.

So it won’t explode?

Which one Ivo? Have you got one yet or are just considering getting one?

I certainly don’t think it would explode, but a more definitive answer from someone who has experience of the model in question would be helpful. I would imagine if there are dual inputs for the same source type that only one would be active at a time and user selectable in some way.

Two reasons I could see for connecting to both would be:

1 - You want to compare a given source through RCA and DIN to decide which is best
2 - You have more sources you wish to connect than inputs available, so you could potentially use the DIN and RCA for the inputs which allow this and using the remote switch between them manually which might be easier than disconnecting/reconnecting cables.

I just want to compare the sq on din and rca. I have a cheap red and white rca cable, that was included with a component and chord shawline rca->din. Now thinking what will be the best way to compare them.

My view only, but I dont think it even worth your time.
The Chord DIN option would be favourable.

XS3 manual:

It won’t explode but SQ may be compromised. The best way to compare is to switch it and have only one connected. In any case, quick back and forth switching is problematic. Keep it in for days or weeks and then change them

I want to experience it myself :slight_smile:
If there really is a difference going from 1€ cable to 300€ cable should be pretty obvious.

This seems like the common understanding and what I am doing right now. I just left the cheap cable connected. And will change next weekend.

Yeah but any worthwhile difference will be more apparent by keeping them in for a while. A cable may sound “better” when switching quickly but not over the long run. You may also not hear a quick difference but over the long run it may be preferable. Put the 300 euro cable in for a few days or weeks, change to the cheap one and see if you are missing anything.

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