Multiroom advice needed

Good afternoon all! I own a ND5sx2 in my main system and I’d like to evolve towards a multiroom approach as I got a second hifi in another room. Plus I’m going to have a baby so I’m evaluating a MU-SO2 appliance. The question is: if i go for another ND5XS2 or NDX2 in the second room and the MUSO2, would it be all connected through the foccal-naim app? Is there any better setup? Thanks in advance!

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Yes, you can link them together using the App. You can play different things on each, the same thing on all of them, or any combination. It’s very simple.

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Hi, all Naim streamers (including the Muso) will work together in multiroom mode, controlled by the Naim app.

If you play music using other apps, you can also use Airplay, which allows you to create multiroom groups. This can be useful if you want to group players of different brands together.