Multiroom drop outs!

I have two Mu-so Qb speakers that I run on wifi. Individually, they both work fine but if I connect them in multiroom mode one of them always struggles and drops in/out. I can run them simultaneously on different sources, e.g. Spotify on one and online radio on the other without any drops. I have fiber with 200+ mb speed and low latency. I did not experience any multiroom issues with previous Sonos-system

What I have tried so far:

  • updated the firmware
  • Rebooted both speakers
  • Rebooted the router and the mesh network
  • started multiroom from both speakers
  • started multiroom from the Naim app
  • started multiroom from the Naim app in non-streaming mode and then connected the paired speakers from Spotify

It’s always the added speaker that drops in/out, regardless which one I start streaming to.

I experience this issue more than 9 out of 10, times, so I know I can work but I fail to see a pattern.

Please help, what else can I do?

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If at all possible, can you (even if temporarily) connect the “master” QB via ethernet?
Start that one, then add the other to multiroom to it.
It’s possible that the wifi system is being overwhelmed plus, the wifi network needs to be pretty robust.
Are they QB1 or QB2’s that you’re using?
The QB1 doesn’t have the best wifi capability.
There are many variables and unfortunately, just because Sonos worked, doesn’t mean your QB’s will.
If QB1’s you can look at their signal strength using the web interface by inputting the IP address into a web browser. That might indicate “marginal” for example.

How far apart are they in your house? They need to be able to “talk” to each other.

Are these the original Qb? If so, their wifi isn’t great. Even if they are Qb 2s they may struggle unless the wifi is really strong. We have three Qbs around the house; two originals and a Qb2 and they are all cabled. They are rock solid and multiroom works perfectly.

I have reset both and they stood next to each other during the setup process. They are now 10cm apart. Still dropouts on the added speaker…

OK, thanks! It’s weird that individually they work great on wifi, and in multiroom mode the first speaker works, but the added speaker drops out. Regardless wich speaker I start with, it’s always the added speaker that struggles


Within the device page of the Naim app there is “?”. If you open that up and scroll down to Network Scan and run this. It will give an overview on your network.
I used to have this issue, and now with a Draytek router and Unifi discs “dotted” around the house all my Wi-Fi issues have gone. I now can enjoy my Gen 1 Muso and QB in multi room working as expected.

I imagine there is a greater network demand in multiroom, as the data has to go to the first QB and then to the second, via the router. Playing to one Qb only needs the first step. So it’s a case of cabling, or adding access points as Dusty suggests above.

Do you really think multiroom works that way HH? I have always assumed that the data goes from the master to the switch(es) (one of which might or might not be incorporated in the router) and then on to all the slaves at the same time.

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I think I we are saying the same thing.

Indeed via the switch, where ever that is.

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