Multiroom Function Not working!

Does anyone have a solution to this frustrating problem with the Multi-room function in my ND555 and Star used with the Core server. It doesn’t work. I am “certain” I’m following the directions (they’re not so complicated). All firmware is up to date. A potentially related problem occurs when I try to switch to the digital input on my Star for my Comcast TV audio signal. Often the only way I can get this to work is to re-boot the Star and the Comcast box. Re-booting doesn’t seem to solve the Multiple-room problem.

If you’ve experienced the same problem, and especially if you have a solution, you can skip the next paragraph and tell me how I fix it. Very happy to hear from anyone at Naim about this as well.

Here are the details. I choose a band from an album on the 555, start it playing in the room with the ND555. Then I click on the navigation bar to reveal the four dots square thingy, which I click on. Then I click the circle for the Star. The circle lights up. Problem is – the music never starts playing through the Star. And, yes, everything is unmuted.


I often have to press the circle a second time. It rarely works on the first try.

ND555 and Nova here, use multiroom regularly.

Which app are you using? Are you using wifi for more than the control pint or are you using ethernet to the streamers?
Both units can source iRadio - does multiroom work with that source? Does the core work to each streamer individually?
Does multiroom work if you remove the Comcast connection? Which unit is being used as the slave for multiroom?
Rather than a simple reboot, try switching off both streamers, switch of your control point and then power down the router/modem.
Leave off, perhaps overnight, but for at least 30mins, then restart the later and wait a further period before starting streamers and control point.

Worth listing the firmware for each unit and the details of the control point, os version and app version. That helps anyone with a similar setup to add their experience.

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