Multiroom issue

Hi, I picked up my NDX2 today returning the demo machine. Looking forward to comparing Tidal against Qobuz once it gets settled in.

Everything is working well except I cannot get Multiroom functionality working with my Qb2. The NDX2 is wired, whereas the Qb is on WiFi. It would appear that whilst the app “sees” both devices/rooms in the rooms list, when it comes to Multiroom it doesn’t seem to connect that they are both on the same network.

Any ideas how to fix this? Have reset the Qb and reset the router.

I have a standard BT home hub router (WiFi disabled) into a switch which feeds the Ethernet cable to the NDX2 and a WiFI router.


You need to move all you Ethernet cables over to the separate Wi-Fi router. As it stands your BT router will be acting as one network and the Wi-Fi router as a separate network.
There is no way to turn the BT router into modem mode, so you always end up with two networks and worse often double NAT, by using two routers (unless you set the Wi-Fi router into access point mode).

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Thanks XMB that makes sense. I’ll give it a try later. Do you feel there will be any negative impact from running Ethernet cable from the WiFi router rather than direct from the switch?

I have my TV and PS5 cabled direct from the switch also, although I assume as they don’t need to “see” the NDX2 or Qb in the network that isn’t an issue.

Btw is it an option to maintain the structure I have in place at the moment (which sounds like is good in theory separating WiFi use from cabled items) but replacing the BT hub with a modem?


You also need to make sure that multiroom is turned on in the NDX2. You do that through the gear wheel icon in the app. If the app can see both units, then multiroom should work regardless of your network complexities.



You should connect your ethernet switch to the Wi-Fi router. Only have one ethernet cable between the BT Home Hub and the Wi-Fi router. You can remove the BT Hub from the equation by using a separate modem (e.g. DrayTek Vigor 130). You then configure the Wi-Fi router to connect to the BT service via the modem.

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