Multiroom the analog input on a Muso 2nd generation

Hi, I connected my Rega Planar 1 plus turntable to the analog input of my Muso QB 2nd generation. I want the same music to play on another Muso device (a regular Muso 2nd generation) in another room. Unfortunately I cannot find out how to make multiroom work when using an analog input. I thought this should be possible as the 2nd generation Muso converts all inputs to digital… Can somebody help me? Thank you in advance.

The Muso can only play multi-room with digital sources (network or local files, Tidal etc), therefore unfortunately, anything connected via an analogue input cannot be multi-roomed.

Thank you for your reply! Do you perhaps know what the most elegant solution would be to make this work? By adding something in between that accepts analog input and outputs something the Musos can multiroom?

I guess you could buy / add an analogue-to-digital-converter and plug your turntable into the Muso-QB via that. They are available very cheaply.
I haven’t tried it but it should work - perhaps someone else here has tried it?

Thank you. I’m not sure. I tried connecting a DAP via optical to the Muso and this wouldn’t let me use multiroom either… :frowning:

So I think I need something that accepts analog audio input and outputs Airplay 2 or something? Or perhaps bluetooth (is it possible to send audio to multiple bluetooth speakers at the same time)?

Airplay might be an option and there might be something like a Sonos (I don’t know what the newer ones do) that can accept an analogue signal which might then be able to use Airplay2 to play to other Airplay2 devices.
Hopefully someone else has done this and can help!

I currently have a TV connected by optical into my NDX2 which I would have thought works in a similar way to the QB.
I can multi-room from that to my QBs, so I believe there is a way.

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