Multiroom with Star and Atom

I have an Atom and a Star. Before I bought the Atom I had contacted Naim support about multiroom. My plan was to play vinyl that was connected to the analogue input on the Star in the room where the Atom was going to be located. I was told that this was possible with multiroom.

I’ve now got both systems set up but can’t get mutiroom working at all. I’v tried the remote and the app and I can see both systems on the app, but its not clear how I set up mutiroom. Any help appreciated.

Second question is based on what I just read on the webpage for the release of the software that support multroom, it looks as if only a few sources support multiroom. Is this the case?


You need to touch the four little squares in the bottom right hand corner. You may also have to enable the multiroom input on both streamers.

It should be simple to use multiroom between any two Naim streamers, and with the current range that includes all inputs. Is the multiroom button not visible, as in the screenshot posted above by HH?

For clarity, perhaps I should mention that the multiroom buttons only appear on the “Now playing” screen.

It certainly is possible, as described above. When playing on the Star, press the bottom right square symbol and select the Atom. Make sure mulitroom is enabled through the app for both devices.

Thanks folks for all of the advice. I think I managed to get it working just the way I want it - I can now play vinyl upstairs on the Star and listen on the Atom downstairs.

I’m assuming I would be able to do the same if I added a MuSo say? Three floors cover and a s/h First Gen MuSo are not eye watering compared to the second generation.

(That might be problematic of course give how much I’ve already spent…the Chancellor might veto any further spending)

Yes, you could certainly add a Muso or other Naim streamer and they would work in multiroom mode. Just bear in mind that the 1st generation Musos have very dated WiFi modules, unlike the current range, and you may find a wired Ethernet connection is required.

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