Munich show 2024

Sorry, misread, no I haven’t listened to them.

Yeah, but there are others that really aren’t much more than a fancy paint job, branding, and exclusivity.

And sometimes one can hardly make out the exhausts from the bass ports … and what’s the difference anyway?


Even if I were a Lambo fan I would just hate whatever that is.


Whatever it is, the word ghastly springs to mind.

haha, well, it did have a hot red launch button on the top (I did not dare!) and a guy giving away freebie bags on the side, so I stopped by : )

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@BertBird excellent reviews as always - next time I hope they consulte your on the choice of music to play.


Any idea on when the techniques applied in the Linn 360 ​​speaker will ‘trickle down’ to more affordable models?

Depends what you mean by more affordable. The Organik DAC and updated amplifier circuitry are available in an upgrade for the Akubarik modules (mine are on their way to the factory). The Utopik power supply is a worthwhile upgrade available for most legacy streamers. I had my new-gen KDSM system hub Utopik‘d, which brought enhanced transparency and separation.

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It’s an odd choice of speaker for them. Wilson Benesch aren’t available in Japan and the official partner for Luxman is Focal. They are the Japanese distributor and partner for Focal and while I’m not at all fond of Focal speakers, I can definitely see how their sound signature could balance will with Luxman.

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Not in Europe, have heard that combination many times.

But is it usual at shows to pair electronics with speakers that are not the “official” partner (if one exists)?

Genuine question. Last time I was at a show was 1995 as a trade member. I don’t remember a thing about it.

In Japan it is very much like a Focal Powered By Luxman area on shop floors and Luxman and Focal share a website. Even Naim don’t do that.

Luxman been bought over by Focal ??? :flushed:

Thanks, I was already aware of that … The question was more that for me at least, the 360 is way out of reach but cheaper and smaller models might appear

No. Luxamn are the official partner and distributor for Focal in Japan.

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Haven’t heard Luxman recently.
I don’t remember them as being very strong on PraT.
Maybe they can tame the analytical character by many Focals ?

Well it’s fair to say it sounds nothing like Naim. I have both Luxman and Naim systems and love them for different reasons.

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Yes, it is quite common in Europe I would say, but of course, if an importer/agent has several brands in their portfolio, they prefer to use their own brands of course. In Sweden, for example, Naim is mainly matched with Neat speakers because they have the same agent. (In the future it will probably also be with Focal as they recently took over that contract)

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Ubiquitous Mono Extreme amp

Nicely made

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Entry level from Wadax, but still 42 k euros.
Wadax studio Cd/ SACD/ player and streamer.