Muon Pro changes my perception of streaming

I have been using an NDX2 and XPSDR for streaming duties for a while now. I am using a Melco as music server and connect to the NDX2 via the player port. As good as the NDX2 sounds, I always felt it was somewhat behind my, rather more expensive vinyl set up. That is until I had the good fortune to try the Muon Pro passive Ethernet filter and cables from Network Acoustics. Wow what a difference. This little filter and Ethernet cables claim to remove all RFI and EMI from the data stream, allowing the NDX2 to really strut its stuff. And boy does it strut. The Muon Pro has found a home in my system and my NDX2 is no longer playing g second fiddle to my vinyl rig.

I’m interested to hear if anyone else has tried the Muon Pro.


I’ve read good things about this device. I went in another / less expensive direction but I agree, removing as much RFi and EMI noise if you have it normally yields good results.


Saving currently a bit to buy one, expectations are high

I have the Eno and there Ethernet cable. which is excellent so I can imagine how good the Muon sounds.

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The EE1 is remarkably pretty effective as well.


Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
I just bought Stack Audio’s SmoothLAN,.so it will be interesting
to try.

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I have a Muon filter and cable.
Made a noticeable difference when I plugged it in.
Now, given that I’ve optimized further my audio network, it has less of an impact and I’ve placed it between my NAS and switch (instead of just before my streamer) and still has a positive effect.


This is the way we use network isolators.

We tried one between the last switch and the streamer, and it degraded the sound!
(Our network is already quite well optimised for audio.)


I believe the EE1, Muon Pro and a few others are basically slightly tweaked (or even just repackaged!) standard passive Ethernet isolators, such as those made by Baaske (i.e. the MI 1005 isolators), intended for safety critical environments such as in medical usage.

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That would be strange… EE1 and Muon pro have huge price difference and reviewers’ reports suggest similar sq upside

~£1000 of the price of the Muon Pro is a 1m ‘Streaming’ cable.
That’s much of the price difference from the EE1 to the Muon.

The only way to buy both & test probably

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Before reading your post, I predicted you would answer like that.
The Muon Pro, at 1,8 k, is just a rebadged Baske isolator in a fancy case and attractive price for the producer ( 18 X more expensive). :joy::joy:

Of course, I don’t believe in that.

65% of the additional cost is the streaming cable not the isolator. The other difference is that they wind the transformers by hand using OFC wire. With the increased profit margins from the ‘high end audio’ market, these two alone could account for the additional cost.

They may also have slightly tweaked other aspects like adding additional material to the magnetic circuit, and possibly additional filtering for far out of band signals; however doing any major work here would likely to degrade the transmission performance for Ethernet signals, the medical isolators are near optimally designed anyway.

Of course, Muon, Jcat, Acoustic Revive….are all wrong with their design of the Ethernet isolators. Because they cost more, they are snake oil.

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That is NOT what I said - Ethernet isolators are a known technology - nothing snake oil about them.

Minor changes to optimise for the specific circumstances involved in Audio over Ethernet may indeed bring additional benefits in some circumstances.


I understood that you were saying that the cheap medical isolators are near ideally made, but the more expensive audiophile ones would likely degrade the transmission performance. Have you tried, compared ?
Or just speculation ? On what basis ?

A bit costly for a test IMHO.

No I’m saying they all degrade Ethernet transmission performance from the electrical and data transmission perspective, but that degradation may actually be beneficial for an audio network; it depends on circumstances and the devices in use (switches, power supplies, cables, streamer and isolators)

Standard medical isolators may work better in some circumstances, EE1 or Muon Pro devices may work better in other circumstances, or there may be no detectable difference; equally in some circumstances any or all of them may degrade the perceived sound quality.
I’m not going to be drawn into what circumstances would benefit more from one or the other, as other than cost, I can’t know.


Thanks for the clarification. More understandable now. I thought you were bashing the Muon and other audiophile lan isolators.
Sorry if it’s not the case.

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