Muscles against Authenticity

I took advantage of devices unplugged during thunderstorms to turn on only LP12 / NDX / Nait / Kan.
My permanent system is 72 / Naxo / 4x135’s / SBL.
I am full of doubts when I hear the pleasure that gives a small system and I am not sure to want to come back with active system and that big constraints of place and implementation.

I wonder if the pleasure would be more intense with Nait / Kan and a super Streamer… :relieved:

I’m pretty sure you recently said something like there was no point owning Naim without Naim speakers and no point unless going active. What’s with the crisis of faith?

We certainly misunderstood :blush:

Well, I’m sure that the simple nait and Kans do 95% of the music very well. Personally, I would miss the power which is sometimes - but not always - needed in the symphonies or organmusic. I deliberately bought a 72 for this instead of a Nait 2.

Sbls were really a domestic solution for us since they go against the wall.

Happy that others question their big setups, I will surely buy 135s or a 250 somewhere in time. Avoiding active sbls though.

You do not have a good experience of active SBL?

72/hi/250 is a rack difference to 72/hi/hi/snaxo/4x135. That’s for me the reason.

It’s not the least good reason :smile:

i remember very well too. Active and all Naim or nothing.

If going down this route, try the Tukans (last spec). Miles better than Kans.

In fact, a Nait 3 into Tukans is superb.

Maybe you have the memory of knowing better what others are talking about, but do you have the memory of having once heard in your life the things you are talking about?

I have never heard Tukan.
At this moment, old Sara are playing with Nait. If you are not too demanding with the volume, it works well!
It’s more airy with the Kan and Sara than with the Credo or SBLs.
All that’s missing is Supertablette and I’ll have a look around my speakers :blush:

If listening at low levels with music that isn’t too demanding and in the right room I’m sure the small Nait with Kans sounds fantastic and can be as enjoyable as active SBL but given the choice I would always go for bigger speakers and a bigger amp. If of course the room allowed it.

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not heard but read from you on xx times.

I do not understand why you cling to me if my interventions do not interest you?

just to put things into context. I remember with which veracity you were proning all active naim system, and specially the necessity to have Naim speakers.
We can perhaps close now.

I certainly have trouble expressing myself at one point.
I think that Naim speakers (especially SBL’s) do not really interest my ears in passive mode.
It’s a personal opinion and no one is forced to follow me.

Crifo, I have enjoyed passive SBLs for 30 years now. Firstly with big Exposure amps, then 180, 250 and finally a 300. They get better every time you improve the system and are particularly helped with source upgrades. I love them passive.

I have heard then active and loved that too. To my ears single 300 was better than an active 52/250 system used as a reference point. Happily live with either.

In fact, I would happily live with either of your two systems too!


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