Music audible when muted?

I noticed today when I muted my 202 I could still hear the music playing very quietly. I then discovered that the volume control still affected the output - so turning the volume up increased the muted volume (ie. it behaved as if the mute is just a very large attenuation rather than a cut).

Is this expected behavior, or is this indicative of a possible issue? (Like signal via grounding?)

Weekend bump on this – anyone have thoughts?

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I can’t recall on the NAC202 whether Mute completely cost signal or just drops a big chunk of volume. Hopefully someone with a NAC202 can let you know if theirs behaves similarly. Is this for all sources on all inputs?

Ok, Just tried my 202 on mute. Yes there is some sound coming from the speakers, but only very little and difficult to hear. If i turn up the volume high, the sound does get a little louder, but still very quiet and only really the high frequencies. It’s still effectively muted though.

So I would suggest that the mute does not cut the signal completely but only attenuates the signal by a significant amount, or both our preamps have a problem…

FYI it’s connected to NAPSC and HICAPdr to NAP 250DR. (282 on it’s way before anyone suggests unbalanced system…!)

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