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Can anyone help. I am trying to put my misic cds on to nas using music brainz picard. How can i put on the cover art pics so that they appear in the finished file with the same size.
I want all the files labelled “cover” or " folder to be 600x600 pixels.
I tried editing existing pics to that size then used “add local file” to amend the folder.
This didnt work.
I have already put anout 200 cds on my nas snd have many more to do so dont wanna put on any more.
Editing file with mp3 tag has no effect.
Thanks in anticipation

Can you give us more info about the problem you have?

Are you using Picard to rip your CDs (is it a ripper?) or to augment/validate the metadata subsequently?
Are you using flac files?
Are they ripping OK and is it the size of the cover art that is your issue?

I have not used Picard but have consulted music brainz in the past.
There is a Picard community and they may have more people with detailed Picard knowledge.
There is a cover art bug in Picard version 2.8.0 which may or may not be impacting you. Version 2.8.5 is available.

I also used 600x600 for cover art (I will be using 800x800 in the future if available) and insert the folder.jpg in all the album flac files and also place the folder.jpg in the album folder too.

I used dBpoweramp which worked fine including cover art. The “edit Id Tag” utility which comes with dBpoweramp enables you to replace cover art if you need to, and amend other metadata.
I initially ripped 10 CDs and checked all OK before dealing with the rest of my collection.
dBpoweamp may be a way of correcting the CDs you have ripped.

Using db poweramp to rip tp flac ok
Use music brainz to sort metadata.
Tracks in flac are ok but cover art appears to be too big
I have to edit each “cover” jpeg to a size i want then replace manually.
Its gonna take forever to do this.
I tried to join picard forum but cannot verify e mail address

Thanks for your info.

How big is “too big”? Does it matter - bigger means typically better quality.
I once had a download with cover art that was 2.3mb - now that is too big.
800x800, 1000x1000 or 1200x1200 would be Ok and not create any problems.

I have 2.8.5.
I dont want art files bigger than 600x600 as will be too big when using a smartphone to access on a streamer.
Was advised 600 x 600 best for smartphones

The size shouldn’t make any difference regardless of the device, it doesn’t for me.

Ripping is a matter of minutes on dBPoweramp with no metadata changes needed normally unless it’s something slightly unusual, and even then it’s a quick fix.

So if i used a smartphone to access files from a server ( yet to aquire) wouldnt 800x 800 fill the screen.
Not sure i understand being a beginner. ,( u probably figured that)

No the Control app will show the cover art as the same size regardless.
But if you used a large tablet the App design would configure it bigger whatever the cover art size and resolution.

AssetUPnP is an excellent server.

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I heard that about asset upnp. It’s not in my list on package centre. I use Synology ds 920 Nas. Think i will be stuck with Media centre.

Asset will run on a Synology NAS.

You can use Asset UPnP on your NAS. It’s not expensive and is much better than the freebie one that comes with most NAS devices.

I think you were misled. It may result in smaller file size and less network data.
600x600 is generally OK for all devices.

However, it is important not to minimise the cover art quality i.e. pixels, resolution dpi, and quality.
Once removed you cannot add it back.

Think of future-proofing your decisions.
In the future you may decide that a tablet is preferable for your app (my small phone works OK but I find that a medium sized tablet is much better).

I can run my Kazoo app on a phone, tablet and Windows PC all displaying the same cover art in different sizes.

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