Music Chain

A favourite from the past forum.
One should follow from the last previous post.
Stating in writing (for the visually impaired)
Can be as literally or abstract as one wants.
Bonus points for guessing the more tenuous links.

Will start off with…

Bob James. nautilus

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Keane - Atlantic


Billy Ocean - Love Really Hurts Without You

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Sticking with sea - Red Sea, the second album by Warhorse, featuring Ashley Holt of Deep Purple Mk 1 fame. But not as good as their self titled first album.


I hope we can keep posting music clips as much as possible instead of the album covers, to make it a music chain instead of a picture chain. :blush:

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Minor success in the 90’s with Love is the Law. The Seahorses…

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Jack Johnson - To The Sea

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That presumes we know where to find music clips!

Youtube is your friend! For the two missing clips above:

Without the album covers you lose the chain quite easily, if you find the cover easily just to a search on the artist/album and you will find a video if available. That is what I did for Jack Johnson and if I only posted just video the visual effect would not work, at least for me.

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Yes both is also fine ofcourse!

Often times Youtube uses the album cover as a placeholder for a video, so that can be convenient when that is the case. As an example for Jack Johnson:

Agree. Back on topic:
I Can See(sic!) Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff…:sunglasses:

See me, feel me - The Who

Edit: that proved less than straightforward posting a link to utube as the first attempt gave no image!


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Safesurfer by Julian Cope

Butthole Surfers - Pepper

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Salt-n-Pepa - Push It


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Slim Whitman - Rose Marie