Music Chain

Good time, bad times by Led Zeppelin from LZ1 - one of my favourite tracks of theirs - and a fantastic start to a great album (especially turned up loud!)

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Jefferson Airplane - Today from the album Surrealistic Pillow

Paper plane by Status Quo, from the album Piledriver- the only album of theirs I have

Paper Tiger, on Beck’s Sea Change album.

Richard Clapton Deep Water from his brilliant Goodbye Tiger album

Boom boom

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Don’t wake the lion (Too old to die young) - Magnum, from the album Wings of heaven

Jim Backus and Friend - Delicious

“…and champagne, my dear…”

No idea what the link is?

Anyway, regardless:

Acquiring the taste - title track of Gentle Giant’s second album. Although it is the title track it is just a short linking instrumental, at about 16’50” into this full copy of the album.

It was magnum/champagne I think.