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Hello to all of my esteemed Naim user friends, I wonder if you might have some advice? I’ve arranged a number of tracks in a ‘compilation’ from a few of my fave albums, I have them as Flac files in a folder on my nasdrive, and as mp3 files for playing in the car, the problem is this, in the car they remain as numbered in the album folder when I play them, but as seen in the Naim app they show as entirely separate tracks controlled by the artists name and each track has it’s own folder, so to speak. In the ‘Properties’ box as seen in the pc’s software all obvious references to a track being sequencially numbered and the questions as to whether a track is part of a compilation are ticked, do you now where I’m going wrong? My pc and car hifi see everything as an album, but through the Naim app?

I think it’s down to your PC and car just seeing the music as files in the folder, while the Naim is going deeper into the metadata.
Use something like mp3tag - – to edit the files in the folder: change the ‘album artist’ field to something like ‘Various Artists – Nickd’s compilation’ or similar, and the ‘album title’ to ‘Nickd’s compilation’. While you’re at it check the track numbering in mp3tag to check it suits your needs, and you can also put in artwork of your choice as a file called ‘folder.jpg’ and then all should be well for the Naim app.
Hope that helps…


Thanks youngster, hopefully I’ll get to have a look this week!

I think you’ve just made my day!

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An absolute pleasure dear boy!

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