Music ‘consumption’ trends

Nothing terribly surprising here, perhaps, but interesting to see the current UK state of play:

One thing that made me smile is that, despite the huge relative changes in CD and vinyl sales over the last decade, CD is still outselling vinyl by almost 2:1, and that (presumably) doesn’t include s/h sales through charity shops/discogs/MusicMagpie etc.

Any other reactions?


Perhaps the popularity of Greatest Hits compilations, is because streaming makes it easy to get individual songs. So the Greatest Hits is similar to that…? A group of (well known) individual songs…? An album on the other hand is more of a bigger work - and often contains some weaker tracks…?

CD sales I guess have been decimated by streaming. But Vinyl is seen as trendy…?

(While I am pleased to see Vinyl being revived, I do not buy any new vinyl, due to the cost. Any I do buy are back catalogue, from Discogs.)

It is, but seemingly by many who don’t actually listen to it. Music lovers, especially some younger people, appear to be falling in love with CD and cassette, and for some it’s a new experience… the demand for CD is on the up and so are CD players… and anecdotally on eBay used CD players seem to be fetching quite a bit more than they were… if your music appetite has been fed by Spotify, then CD can sound breathtaking and cassette can sound interesting… I think it’s really healthy that some of the Gen Z’s are discovering the allure of physicals they actually want to listen to. What goes around comes around. Be interesting to see if the trend continues with Gen Alpha.

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I was talking to group of lads in the passing in a Glasgow FOPP they had handfuls of vinyl I said I hope you guys have something decent to play them on.
They said they collected them but they streamed the album to their phones. :scream:

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