Music is on its way

Chord Music
It’s going between the Mastergroove SR and the 552, it’s going to replace my Super Sarum T
Just wondering if anyone else has done the same between source and pre and how would you describe the difference


Yes, and it’s not really something you’d describe in any of the conventional ways. It’s simply, as the name implies, very much more musical. You won’t be listening to “more bass”, a “wider soundstage”, “inky blacknesses” and all that stuff, you’ll just get much greater access to the band/artist/orchestra and why they even bothered to record it in the first place.

You might become blasé to it and come to expect it, but relish the first few weeks of discovery.

Thanks Dave

I’m thinking of getting a Music tonearm cable then stick with Sarum T everywhere else after that
Gets a bit pricey for din-xlr’s & speaker cables when we run active systems


Two days ago, I installed a 4pin/5pin Chord Music between Superline/Supercap and 552 and the din/XLRs between 552PS and 500. And I’m with Dave, it’s hard to describe what it does, but it is really special and I think I will order them, as they are provided as demo by my dealer.
I just wonder, what the Music speaker cables would ad, and if they would be electronically appropriate with the 500dr - all the correct inductance and capacitance-talk…

Sarum T is great, I had my mains leads upgraded to T’s, have a T Din lead and a spare T streaming cable (having upgraded that to a Music) - the fact that older Sarum cables, apart from speaker cables, can be upgraded is one of the practical attractions.

I can certainly see your point about the expense in an active system and on that basis, I’d have no qualms buying older Sarum cables and getting them upgraded to T’s as funds became available. Then, just don’t go near any more Music!

“Unfortunately” they do add quite a bit. No worries about compatibility with your 500, mine absolutely loves them :grin:

Dave,…actually, I thought so!
How long do you run the Music speaker-cables - how many meters?


4m. The Sarums they replaced were bang on 3.6m but I wanted to allow some wriggle room - didn’t want to have to endure the cost of a new set.

My first impressions are a more relaxed presentation with bags more detail and natural sounding
The bass if anything is very slightly less but much sharper
Overall it is a big leap from the Sarum T

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