Music on Special Offer

The Beach Boys - Sail on Sailor 6 cd deluxe edition is £34.82 on Amazon. Seems like a bargain to me.


Nice to see this thread back up.

Here’s another for Beach Boys fans.

The Smile Sessions - 139 tracks for £12.49 on Juno Download. This is FLAC or WAV

If you are a downloader then Juno Download is always worth a look as they do knock the ball out of the court on box set collection.


Bandcamp - some incredible live recordings on Bandcamp at £3 + tax


Frank Black And The Catholics - The Complete Recordings

About 8 or 9 albums here - 16 bit download on Qobuz. Not his best work but at £6.49 who can complain…


The ‘Qobuz Fest’ is up and running with up to 80% off some labels.

A lot of these seem to be trotted out again and again, but there are some real bargains if you’ve not seen them before.

Interestingly Linn records are one of the labels with discounts on some releases - don’t think I’ve seen that before.

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Andy, this is coming up as £45 on Qobuz. Did you see it on 7 Digital at that price?

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Honest god when I posted a couple of weeks ago it was £6.49 on Qobuz. You’re right now £44 - Cooking Vinyl must have seen my post or wondered why so many people were buying it and realised the error of their ways.

It starts off with the Universal catalogue offering some cracking deals then it all goes a bit expensive with discounts seeming higher than I would expect from my normal sublime subscription discounts.

I think Qobuz have ramped up their prices recently which even in a sale still seem expensive.

As you say we have seen this same old stuff year in year so many of the bargains have been snapped up years ago.

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Agreed (Sony pricing offer ridiculous) thou still managed to find 13 albums for £43 to fill some gaps :sunglasses:


The Who’s Next 50th anniversary boxset is available on Amazon U.K. for £118 down from £265 when it was first released.

I call that a Bargain…


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