Music or sex?

Pink Sunday for many around me.

I can’t remember that far back…

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Why not?

It could be both, you listening to music and the dog humping the floorstander speaker…:sunglasses:

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You could turn it up real loud and get the neighbours to join in.


Sorry, what is this “sex” thing of which you speak?


Music lovers do - audiophiles don’t :wink:

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The question presumes an exclusivity, and is rather like asking which is better, Beethoven or Black Sabbath. Personally I like both, and can get immense satisfaction from either, but it can depend on mood, with one being more enjoyable or satisfying at one time, the converse at another. Ideally, of course, I would like both, though at least with Beethoven and Black Sabbath sequential may be better than simultaneous…

I think sex for audiophiles would be practical than sex for music lovers. They can grab hold of the things they love…

It would be nice to have a choice. Ah well, Music it is then.

Ah yes - Sexpona and the Florida Audio Sexpo, for example.

I asked my wife for her thoughts on the relative merits of music vs. sex.

She said she loves music.

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Sex? Isn’t that wot posh people have their coal delivered in?


You’ve really lost me now.

Adam wrote about the annual audiophile breeding grounds. Axpona and the Florida Audio Expo are two of the recent ones on this side of the Atlantic.

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Ah here its definitely HiFi Corner, where people drool over 500 series components, sold hook, line and sinker, forgetting the simple matter of price, while the pimps rub their hands in glee…

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