Music server for western digital my cloud different than plex

dear all,

I have an NDS reading music from a NAS Western Digital my cloud that had Plex pre-installed.
Any suggestions for other musical servers I could install on WD my cloud?
Plex is hard to access from PC, often web app says the connection is not safe and is an issue to have it back online, morevoer Plex does not play DSD.

WD NAS drives are not good at running UPnP music servers. Better to get one that can run a good server like Asset or Minimserver, which generally means a Synology or QNAP NAS. Maybe keep the WD for backup duties for which it is better suited.

thanks a lot, if possible I would not change the hardware for the time being. I have to say that the music plays well, it is just matter of archive alignement that takes some time. any software that can be installed on WD mycloud?

MyCloud servers are usually restricted in what you can install. I know I have one - it runs Plex ok though so I still use it.

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