Music to exercise to....guilty pleasures

I hate exercising on indoor machines without music (or perhaps an audiobook if doing a brisk walk), primarily to drown out background noise/music and to cocoon myself in my own little world.

Do you have favourite albums that you consistently find help you focus and maintain a workout?

If at the gym I generally use a cross-trainer for cardio, and find certain high tempo albums to be really effective. Generally some rousing rock/electronica that helps get the legs pumping.

I’ve always found this to be a great album to play when exercising, the ‘non-stop’ version in particular:

A pink leotard also helps :rofl:

I’d also add that Apple Airpods are one of my favourite purchases in recent years, though they look ridiculous. I used to use some B&W P5s but they were awful when moving as every movement would be transmitted as sound. Wireless ear/headphones are so much better than getting tangled up with cords, and I’ve caused phones/MP3 players to crash to the floor numerous times with corded devices.

I play LPs so I take a short walk every 25 minutes :blush:


I would have thought it would help more without?

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Crumbs there’s a thought - a naturist gym session!

That nude cycling lark is bad enough.

One of my fav Madge albums, certainly not a guilty pleasure here.

Although, I will sheepishly admit to having a Boney M track in my iPhone running playlist - hangs head in shame!

I use cheap as chips Sound Magic ear buds with the bendy rubber ear hook cable guides for running and they stay in place perfectly. Sound Q isn’t half bad for price and I’m not precious about them if I get caught in a heavy downpour - like last Friday where I got thorough soaking.

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And rather uncomfortable I would have thought…! Naturist gym sessions might be, erm, interesting, and maybe not need anything else to keep you from getting bored!

I’ve not been to a gym since leaving school, and never will - the very word is anathema to me, reminding me of the mental and physical torture inflicted. I do have a cross-trainer at home, used mainly when weather makes walking or cycling unpleasant, or a big of extra build up before a skiing holiday etc, and it is deathly boring in its own, so to make it possible to use it is positioned with a good view of TV, and an engrossing programme/film dies the job: I’m not sure music would be as effective.

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For running…
Guns n Roses: Appetite for Destruction, Spaghetti Incident.

Chemical Brothers:Dig your own hole, exit planet dust.

The Prodigy: Anything but mostly The Fat of the Land.

White Stripes: most but Elefant best.

And a lot of others depending on my mood.

But I don’t really run much anymore. Also re wireless headsets I’ve wrecked a few with sweat ingress…

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What’s the Boney M track? Rasputin?

As far as wirless earphones go, cheap supplied wired earphones are rarely brilliant but often do the job well enough - the Airpods are certainly no worse and probably better than bundled wired earphones that come with phones/devices.

I suspect there are now loads of good value wireless earphones which will tick the boxes for non-critical listening, and as you note, cost wise, less painful if you lose one or both. I’ve always thought the Apple ones look silly.

It’ll be interesting to see how Amazon’s new wireless earphones are received, especially given Amazon’s propensity to frequently discount their own hardware.

Interestingly I was listening to Madame X in the summer on the Airpods and thought they sounded fantastic - not one of my favourite Madonna albums, but seems well recorded/mixed on several tracks.

Yes, Rasputin, but also switch it with Ma Baker too, as I really like the bass line! Yeah I know.

Not tried any wireless earbuds as yet, but I do like the Apple approach with their wireless tech, although I simply don’t like the glaring white finish. If they came in black then I’d probably take a punt. Must get around to trying an intro pair level of wireless earbuds.

Currently really enjoying my SoundMAGIC PL30+C (with an inline control) though, and I think they are superb value for money. Also have a set of mid price Shure SE215 and they do sound better, but the fit of the SM are just about perfect for me.

Not heard Madam X as yet, but will probably give it a spin on Spotify this week to see if it’s to be an essential purchase.

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When I am on treadmill I usually listen to chemical brothers, fat boy slim or orbital. Actually thinking about it anything over 140 bpm will do …

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Perfect for a 4 minute mile.

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That’s a blast from the past I’d forgotten about!

I suspect for many of us lockdown/restrictions have resulted in us exercising far less away from home, and this may be the case for some weeks to come.

Went out for a 45 min cycle ride with my son on Sunday - very leisurely around the park, and I was surprised how little the Apple Watch registered in terms of activity - little over a 100 kCal.

Was going to go for a more exertional ride alone today but opted to use the old exercise bike we’d rescused from the garage some weeks ago as I thought it would be more intense for the time spent and was probably burning 4x as man kCal over a similar period.

Stuck the Madonna album above on and most tracks very good again.

Must try some of the suggestions iven for variety, and try to remember the ones I used to use years ago on early MP3 players.

Some albums just lend themselves to alleviating the boredom of exercising on machines - something I find very difficult without music.