Music vs SL vs std 4din to xlr

Hi, I was furrowing about behind my stereo and realised that I am still using the standard 4din to xlr cable despite using Chord extensively elsewhere (doh). Has anybody tried the Music version in comparison to the standard - specifically this cable? The stereo is sounding great, and I am not sure I want to upset the balance, but given I have chord / Music elsewhere in the system, I wonder if this one standard link may be holding things back. Any advice gratefully received! :+1:

P.S. currently trying the chord Sarum power cables - for those of you using chord with the usual power lines… definitely worth a try!

I use the Music DIN-XLR from my 552 to 500. I love the sound of the Music cables, detailed but never bright or harsh. Highly recommended.

I use SL DIN-XLR’s between my 552/500 and find them way better than the standard leads but they do need a long burn-in time to show their full worth.

Yes, I’ve done the comparison and also with Sarum T and SL. My advice would be to only listen if you have funds available. They definitely won’t upset the balance of your system.

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I have almost a full Chord Music loom Robbo. SL is a very good cable as we’d expect from Naim majoring on PRAT. The top Chord’s still time great but add extra space, tone and timber IME. Music is clearly the best cable that they produce but not cheap.

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Yes, it’s expensive but not “that” much more than SL and is in a whole different league.

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