Musical gatherings

For some reason (that shall not be named…) few of us have managed to see fellow Naim Forumites over that last 2.5 years.

We finally broke though yesterday, when I drove over in the shopping trolley to see @PeterR for the day. Even better, John Nobbs, formerly of this parish, was also at Peter’s so we had a thoroughly good chin wag and put a great deal of the world to rights.

Peter has a lovely system than can carry a tune rather well, especially in his acoustically optimised room. Buddy Guy in particular sounded viscerally alive, while newcomer Freya Ridings’ eponymous debut album was a surprise & delight.

The CD555 may be a relic of an age gone by (allegedly!) but my goodness, it doesn’t half sound good when feeding an S1/500DR and a pair of PMC FACT12 Signatures on Townshend Podiums.

All in all, a lovely day was had by all. Thank you Peter for the invitation.

Anyone else thinking about a get together?

Best regards, BF


Oh yes Ian ‘the shopping trolley’….and what a riot in sheep skin that is! :checkered_flag:
As always great to see you and getting to spin a few discs. I do feel I’ve reached the best compromise with the room now, where more action could possibly achieve a little less top end emphasis on some recordings yet at the cost of recorded space and 3 dimensionality etc. John and I had a brief play with this this morning (as you do) and came to above conclusion. Very pleased you enjoyed what you heard :hugs:
Also my Facts are not fully SEs ie lacking the improved Xovers. They would be a natural choice for me in the room now, but feel a stretch financially to buy at the moment.
All the best my friend :+1:t3: Peter


Just above the eastern swamps, would that be Lincolnshire then ???

A little further south…

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Glad to see you chaps are still getting together for all that hi-fi nonsense! I did intend to invite you over here, but then that blasted Covid thing came along…

Hope to see you all soon,

Best wishes,



Whoah Tony, good to see you’re still alive & kicking round these quarters. Still remember your wife’s homemade buns and soup :yum: (God that’s going back a while). Keep well and hope to see you in the near future. All the very best Peter

Good to see you are still about Tony, thought i might have bumped into you at the Signals Accuphase bash, but alas not. Take care.


Covid? Has there been Covid? I must have missed it.

Great to hear from you again Tony. Hope you are well.

Best, BF

Our musical get togethers are always most enjoyable. Sharing each other’s different systems, discovering new music and putting the world to rights, what could be better!!


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