MusicWorks Mains

Doesn’t the musicworks box use a ring circuit for everything except the earth which is star wired (but not with equal lengths). The sockets are therefore not all equal and the plug order still matters, though maybe not as much as it does with a linear block and it’s not the same order.

So Source First, Pre, Power?

Or the most power hungry first?

I don’t have one (yet) so I can’t comment if the MusicWorks sockets are numbered to support this…

Yeah, what’s their problem eh?!? :crazy_face::joy:

I haven’t heard the G4 box, but only have the G3 very slightly laterally wired, but last time I published details re this I got shut out of the sky very quickly :worried: better keep my mouth shut this time. Should you wish info feel free to contact me via RD.
I’m at stage with my system, where I have to say nothing is going to change, but in your case it might be interesting to yourself try the G3 vs G4 in your own system. But as everybody have suggested do your dedicated mains first! ATB Peter

My plug in is 500-S1-analogue 555- empty socket and then the digital 555. Works best for me :+1:t3: Best Peter

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Super useful - thanks Peter

So I’d likely be 500, 552PS, Analogue 555, (then in a few weeks Solstice PS), Gap, Gap, 555 Digital

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I can’t answer on the order on a musicworks. I took a G2 ultra home but preferred my home brew linear block, and never revisited.

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Hi Yeti, I would agree that the G2 wasn’t all that in comparison to the G3 and possibly G4. ATB Peter

I had a G2 for a long while but once I had a dedicated radial spur I found the G2 wasn’t as good, so sold it.

One modification I did make was to add several more earth rods of different lengths in a radial pattern around the original earth rod then connected them to the central rod in a star like pattern. This gave a further increase in SQ at least equivalent to the dedicated mains.

So far I’ve not found anything better but I would like to try the G4 just to satisfy myself!

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I’m not sure I’m ready for that water bill!

I know we all love Naim or we wouldn’t be here - but it does seem bonkers that you can improve the sound quality by doing something like that. Surely (heresy alert🚨) Naim could design a power supply that wasn’t QUITE so compromised by the vagaries of mains quality.

  • A good solid connection :white_check_mark:

  • Minimum noise on the circuit :white_check_mark: (dedicated mains plays in here, so I get it to that point)

  • Dedicated Earth rods in a diminishing concentric circle?? …absolutely not dismissing it - but :exploding_head:

Like I said to @PeterR earlier “and we wonder why they think we are a bunch of cranks” :joy::joy:

Don’t be tempted by earth rods, even if in a fairy circle.
Seriously, adding an earth rod is not allowed with specific local network earthing systems.
It’s potentially dangerous to do so.
Always consult a qualified electrician.


I’ve been chatting to Signals about the physical dimensions of the MusicWorks - specifically around if it’ll fit between and behind my two stacks of Fraim.

They’ve sent me a few pics - and it looks like it’s a go in that regard…

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I asked the same thing last week regarding dimensions (but not between racks) and Signals kindly told me that it is : 330 mm x 235 mm x 70 mm high

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Has anybody tried them with Skeets rather than standing on a square of carpet?

Would look better than having a tatty old cut down carpet tile!

But Matt, who will see that? The G3 needs a carpet like interface ( have tried just about everything under the sun).
This is mine fully exposed so I can easily access it. ATB Peter


Ah - you know - I’d never thought of just cutting little carpet circles as you’ve done here. Looks quite discreet and natty! …did you cut them yourself?

They are sandwiched 10 mm old fashioned wool carpet underlay with sticky pads top and bottom to retain compliance, ofcourse just between you and I. :crazy_face::joy: Yeah………

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I told you before that you should put Peter’s Pads into production. £100 for four should do it.


Sounds like something elderly gentlemen might buy!

Of course Billy Connolly would advise simply tying laces around the bottom of yer troosers and be done with it.


Have you experimented with different quality carpet to see if it makes a difference? :grinning:

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So my loaner G3 Ultra with the Acouplex base from Signals arrived yesterday courtesy of that nice Mr FedEx.

I have a dedicated mains spur for my hifi from a separate consumer unit via 10mm2 shielded ring mains cable to two unswitched sockets on the wall. My S1 pre is plugged in to one, everything else (Supercap DR, 2x555DR, NAP 300DR) was into an MCRU 8 gang trailer which was in to the other unswitched socket. The MCRU trailer was about £200 7-8 years back so was hardly bargain bucket.

Having the S1 into a separate socket was very handy as that meant I didn’t need to power it down. Everything else was powered down for about 10 minutes. I switched the blocks over around 11AM and apart for a 30s check that it was working after switch over I then left it until 6PM to stabilise before listening.

Took me about 4 tracks to confirm that it was significantly better. The difference was similar to when I first moved to dedicated mains, an improvement in clarity. Not quite as big a jump as dedicated mains but still quite noticeable. I guess the difference between a cable or black box swap is that it only affects one item in the replay chain, altering mains supply improves all the black boxes connected not just one.

Later yesterday evening my wife listened for about an hour. She has good ears but zero interest in hifi technology, hifi buzz words etc. All I told her before hand was that I’d “changed something and let me know if you think it’s better or worse”. I didn’t tell her what I thought beforehand; her conclusion was also that it made a significant difference.

I think that dedicated mains is likely a more cost effective starting point but if you have that or your circumstances are such that you can’t do that then the G3 is well worth it. Now I’ve just got to pay for the darn thing :slight_smile: