Musicworks Reflex Ultra G3 6-way Power Block - Pre Loved

Just purchased a Musicworks Reflex Ultra G3 6-way Power Block. To be used with my NAIM equipment. Purchase decision influenced by this forum.
Would appreciate recommendation for an appropriate power lead.

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I use a Naim powerline

Same here.

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We use Musicworks own, very expensive one, on recommendation of our dealer.

Best regards, BF

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Powerline’s here too until I got a sparky to put in some additional sockets on a dedicated spur. Much cheaper than powerline and power block.

If you can’t do the extra sockets the music works block is very good.

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Of course, it will work best with a dedicated spur and G3 but at least you’ll only need to install one socket.

On the plus side Gazza, it is a very shiny, high gloss cable, which must be good, and it has a huge Furutech plug.

Is it any good though? No idea. Bought as a complete act of (gullible) faith on the recommendation of a dealer whose judgement has proven to be consistently spot-on over many years.

Best regards, BF

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I did look and those furutech plugs are very expensive. I have some mcru cable and thought of using the same plugs…….but considering you get cable, plugs etc all done for you……not too bad price.
I did notice that musicworks have a “peek” cutout that goes between the socket and that furutech plug on your cable…£25.

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I currently use powerline lites for my supercap and 135’s. I could buy another powerline lite for the G3 @ £109
or purchase the Powerline @ £649 as suggested.
But, is it significantly better? I’ve never made a comparison.

I have bought ex dem Powerline sand they work fine and couple of hundred quid cheaper. Can usually pick up on well known auction sites.

I haven’t done a direct comparison with a Powerline Lite, but that’s basically just standard Naim power lead of old with a decoupled mains plug.

We originally had Chord C Power cables on our equipment (which is not Naim) and these were excellent value at £60 each. A massive upgrade over the stock cables.

We then changed to Powerlines. Wow! The improvement was very far from being subtle. We have three of them. Don’t underestimate the improvement they bring - they are easily worth the asking price IMO.

It makes no sense, for me, to use an expensive powerblock with an entry level power cord to wall, as the later is perhaps the most critical part.
I write that based on my experience only, as I had different quality powerblocks and power cords to wall.


Not in my experience. We had a demo of the Chord S6 and M6 blocks and various power cords. Even with a bog standard moulded power cord feeding the block the systems sounded significantly better plugged into the blocks than directly into the wall using better power cords.

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Agreed, I use a Sean Jacobs Custom HiFi cables Large CSA Silver core power cable into the MW Reflex block which allows the killywiggles to flow more or less unimpeded from the dedicated spur.

I didn’t said that. Of course it will sound better, using the same power cord, in Musicworks vs microwave powerblock.
But if you buy a powerblock in the middle of these 2 extremes and add a much better power cord to wall, at minimum a powerline, you can have better results. It was my case.
I went from Naim stock powerblock, to a 600 euros one with a power cord attached, to an Eros Titan with a 1,5 k Kharma power cord, to the Furutech 609 with same cable.
A cheap power cord with the Furutech was not at the level of Eros/ Kharma cord.
The difference between Eros and Furutech, with same cable, is a box upgrade ( an XPS upgrade if you prefer).

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Not quite sure what you’re getting at @frenchrooster.

What I’m saying is that IME the block is of more fundamental importance than the power cable feeding it. So your statement:

dosen’t match my experience. It makes sense to buy the best block one can, even if that means using a bog standard cable feeding it. Certainly with the Chord blocks anyway.


Chord M6 (£2000) + bog standard cable (£0 give-away) is way, way better than Chord S6 (£1000) + Chord Sarum T mains cable (£2000).

My wife and I did the dem and that’s what we heard.

In my experience Chord M6 cheap power wall cord < to S6 with Chord Sarum t.

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OK well certainly not my experience. The Chord M6 with a no-name power cord is fundamentally more musical. Musical phrasings make more sense and everything is just far more musically coherent. Good as the Sarum T power cord is it can’t match that - even on an S6.


I believe you. I don’t tried that specific comparison, but with the powerblocks I have. So it may depend.

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