Muso 1 and Qubuz

Hi, how do I get Qubuz to stream via my Muso 1 please? I have it running on my Star using the Naim app, but it doesn’t show up when I switch rooms to the Muso 1.
I appreciate that I cannot get HiRes streaming because the digital processing of the Muso 1 isn’t fast enough, but expected to be able to stream otherwise
Best wishes Amer

You can send Qobuz to the muso using multiroom but the muso itself is unable to play Qobuz independently. So if you want Qobuz on the muso but something else on the Star you will be unable to do so.

Thanks Hungry, I feared that would be the answer, but hoped it wouldn’t! Best wishes Amer

If you have an iphone or ipad you can connect the qobuz app to your mu-so via airplay. The restriction is you can only use a single stream from qobuz at a time.

I have a QB1 and send Qobuz to it from the Atom in my office using multiroom. It works very well. It’s perhaps a tad less convenient than if it were available directly, but certainly nothing to be “feared”.


Thanks Roger and Robert, I was hoping to get it to play without the need to switch on the Star as well (Apart from my 282, I don’t leave everything on 24/7) I’d forgotten about the AirPlay option, so I’ll give that a go via my iPad. Best wishes Amer

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