Muso 1 - Multiroom & voice control

Hi everyone,

My Muso 1st gen has been a daily part of my life for the past 4 years and I have grown quite attached to it.
So as I am about to move in to a bigger living space, i’m considering adding some new speakers to the mix along with a voice control capacity.

My problem is the 1st gen not being google cast enabled, I can’t interface it directly with a smart speaker so i was thinking of purchasing one (or two) Muso SQ 2nd gen to make that connection while bringing some surround to my setup.

Question is : will i be able to automatically stream my music / content on all my speakers using Naim Multiroom with my google nest (connected to the SQ 2nd gen) as entry point ?

TBH i’m also considering (reluctantly) selling my muso and switching to a sonos system which would allow me to check my requirements -wifi cast, multiroom, voice control enabled. Jury’s still out though as I haven’t cracked how to connect my projector’s sound other than via bluetooth.

thanks to you all and happy holidays

I’m not sure how multiroom the MuSo1 is. I have a Star and two Qb2’s. They integrate perfectly, playing together or individually as I wish through the Naim app.
I will not have a voice piece of kit in the house. I do not want a microphone in the house over which I do not have full control. I know my tin hat will disrupt the signal, but too intrusive for me.
I looked at a Sonos solution before buying my first Qb, but the sound quality is not as good, the difference is like chalk and something much better than chalk.

Agreed re mic’s, not sure of the security of these devices…

I run 3 gen 1 Musos’ and stream Spotify directly wired with the odd drop out.

thanks both. If budget wasn’t an issue i wouldn’t think twice about sonos. 2 QB2 are within budget, an extra Muso 2 would blow it out.

Do you mean they are physically wired ? or synched using multiroom ?

As for the mic / security, I personnally don’t feel like there’s a lot of important discussions going on in my living room so i’m at ease with the whole concept.


Multi-room with voice controls easy with AirPlay 2 and Apple devices. I can use my Apple Watch to ask for music to be played on any of my Naim devices or all at the same time. A HomePod mini could be used as the voice input if you needed voice control input. Of course if an Android user you need the latest Naim products to do the same.

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