MuSo 2 and arc HDMI

I’ve just run into a problem using my MuSo 2 as a sound bar for a Sony TV. It has worked in the past. Today, the sound has become very static-y. I’ve unplugged and replugged both TV and MuSo and done a reset on the MuSo. (Doing a reset on the TV is a lengthy adventure I’ve discovered, so I’m hoping to avoid that.) I see on the app that the HDMI signal is bouncing back and forth between 48khz and 0khz when I try to use it. (Ahh! - a clue). The cable seems securely connected on both ends.

Any advice?

This sounds as if it’s the cable. Have you got a spare cable to try?

I thinks so.

The problem for me is connecting the cable. I find the location of the in puts awkward on the MuSo, but the TV is worse. The inputs are directly behind the support bar for the TV. Oh, well. :smiley:

Seems to have fixed itself.

HDMI ARC is notoriously unreliable. If the problem returns consider using an optical connection instead. You lose a bit of convenience but it’s usually reliable.

Ahh, but the single optical connection from my TV runs to my Nova. I use that for musical programs. I don’t like the sound of non-musical programs through my Nova/Thiel set-up.

However, the analogue connection is possible. For non-musical TV I can live with the compromise that choice entails.

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