Muso 2 and Muso 2 qb: setting up as right and left stereo speakers

Is this possible alone or do we need a Uniti as a core server?



As far as I know, this is not possible at all with the current product range.

Thank you for your prompt reply. Who can I ask, to get a definitive answer?

Well, I haven’t seen any mention of such a feature (which would be advertised, I guess), and I think it was discussed previously on the forum; also in cases like combining Uniti Muse (Qb) for surround sound or such. (Stereo splitting would be more realistic, given the current products are all stereo only.)

I’m sure other people will reply here.

You could also ask Naim support - maybe raising attention on requests might influence their product roadmap to create such a feature based on the multi-room capabilities.

Very Helpful. Thank you.

I will indeed contact Naim Support.

Let us know how they respond

The mu-sos are stand alone all in one stereos. If you want separate left and right you need an Atom and a pair of speakers as a starting point.

I would love to have this functionality added as well - having a set of Qb’s as a stereo pair in the living room would make a lot of sense in my situation.

Devialet can do this with their Phantom and Reactor and it sounds great! (but I’m not a fan of the way the music is presented, too bass heavy for my taste, hence my favoring Naim).

So it doesn’t sound great at all…

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Duh - It would seem the Halibut is hungry…
The Devialet all in ones provide stage where the QB doesn’t but indeed, Muso QB and Muso have much nicer texture to the music. Hence my choice for the Naim stuff. But having both texture and stage would be nice.

Linn’s high end Series 3 offerings will also do that, but for the price you could have a nice Atom/Nova or even XS-based system.


Get a pair of Kef LSX’s. less money than 2 must QB’s and stunning sound ideal for an office or bedroom.

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