Muso 2 and Muso QB1 Basic issues

  1. @Richard.Dane The online reference manual for the Musos seems to be out of date. I was struggling to put the Muso2 into stand-by via the rotary control. From the manual there appears to be a touch Stand-by symbol which is the same as on my Muso 1. It doesn’t in fact appear on the rotary control and the quick start guide that came with the Muso2 explains that you have to hold down the play/pause symbol. The diagrams in the reference manual showing the rotary control don’t match those in the Quick Start guide. I think I downloaded the manual directly from the Naim site so I don’t think I got hold of an out-of-date one. Apologies if I have misunderstood or this is already registered.

  2. As far as I can tell, I can play iTunes files via ApplePlay to the Muso2 or the QB1 but not to both simultaneously. If I play iRadio on the Muso2 and press the multi-room symbol the radio then does connect to the QB, so I presume I have the connections set up correctly.

  3. If I were to start a Qobuz subscription would I be able to play the stream simultaneously to both Musos?

  4. If I were to rip CDs to a Core would the files play simultaneously to both Musos?

If the answer to 3 and 4 is yes, is this because UPnP is being used rather than ApplePlay?

I think by just having the QB I have not yet acquired more than a very basic understanding of streaming!

You have tagged the wrong Richard.

Sorry! I have corrected now.

1st gen Musos don’t support Qobuz, but they do support AirPlay so you can use that to play from the Qobuz app, and to multiroom it.
You can also play Qobuz from the aNaim app to your Mk2 Muso, and then you can use Naim multiroom to stream it to the Mk1 Muso.

The Core will stream simultaneously to both Musos, either in Multiroom mode, or independently if you are using them as two separate devices playing different music at the same time.

Many thanks for this clarification.


which manual did you download? Was it for the first Gen model?

From what i can see, for the Mu-So 2 there’s the Quick Start guide and then there’s the online support portal for more in-dpeth help.

The Quick Start Guide shows this:

And the support portal shows this:

Thanks, Richard, and sorry for wasting your time - I was looking at the first gen manual. However, I really don’t understand how I got to that as the manuals for the two gens are clearly differentiated on the Naim website. My Muso 2 is new so I would have selected that manual given the option. Clearly an error on my part anyhow.

Don’t feel bad, Clive. These things happen to most of us. I often look for things and can’t see them despite them being right in front of me.

Thanks HH - It can be embarrassing!

Anyhow, I have discovered the answer to my question 2. Although it doesn’t seem possible to do so via the Naim Muso controls or app, it is possible to connect to both Musos simultaneously via iTunes/Music on my MacBook.

As long as you aren’t streaming high def you can do it streaming to one and multirooming to the other. The multiroom control is on the bottom right hand side of the now playing screen in the app.

Thanks - I thought I had tried that but the multi room symbol didn’t appear as far as I can remember. I’ll try it again but connecting at source with Apple Music is probably the simplest for me.

If you are using Apple Music, or any Airplay source, the Naim multiroom button isn’t visible. In this case you would use AirPlay multiroom instead of Naim’s.

If using Naim multiroom on the 1st gen Muso you can enable/disable it in Input settings (or at least that used to be the case when I used 1st gen models).

Either of the above may or may not explain why you can’t see the button.

Also adding to what Chris said, you only get the now playing screen when something digital is playing, so you set one playing and in the now playing screen you can make it multiroom. Multiroom has to be I in input settings for both units too.

OK thanks, David and Chris for further advice. I think they are both set to multi room as I can turn it on with the Muso 2 and connect to the QB via the multi room symbol when iRadio is playing.

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