Muso 2 and Samsung HDMI

Before posting my issue I checked the forum and found some relating posts but not a solution…

I recently got a Muso 2 and used HDMI to connect it to my Samsung Q85R. When powering on the tv the Muso powers on which is great. Controlling volume with the tv remote works.

I keep getting the same problem over and over, I have 2 seconds sounds, 2 seconds mute, 2 seconds sound etc

When I pull the plug from TV and Muso it might work again flawless for one tv session but most times the issue gets back in the next tv session until I unplug everything…

Any ideas?

Are you on the current latest firmware for both the TV and the Mu-So? Are you connected into the ARC socket and have it set correctly? If so, could be well worth getting in touch with Naim tech support.

Thank you Richard. Yes I checked firmwares.

When it comes to ARC, what are the correct settings? I did make sure it’s PCM and not Dolbly but that gives ofcourse other sound issues

PCM 2 channel is exactly right. I would contact support. It’s an odd one as usually issues are down to handshaking so, it’s normally all or nothing on the sound front.

I remember a few posts on Samsung systems the last weeks; including problems appearing “recently”.
Usually Naim goes off and adjusts the firmware to handle all the various TVs vendors/models as best as possible. (This HDMI standard seems to be… open for interpretation by vendors.)
I agree with Richard; just adding the hope, that especially in the “recent Samsung changes” area work might/would already be ongoing to get it fixed.

Does it work ok with bluetooth? Might help pinpoint the issue…

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Thx for all the replies.

So I narrowed it down. Optical works flawless!

So when searching Samsung forums the issue seems arc related. So far no fixes yet but people state several soundbars are affected

Ah, I should have proposed optical at first instance.
That one is „dumb“ enough, it works reliably.
(Though it lacks the „remote control“ option from HDMI, I.e. volume control and input switching.)

Hope this works fine, until issues are resolved!

Going to create a case anyway as it’s partly soundbar related because some other brands work fine. Handshaking is my best guess as well.

I borrowed a sonos soundbar and have had 0 arc problems

I’m having the same problem with my Mu-So 2nd gen connected to my Samsung QLED 55QFQ 2018 series. On my old Bluesound Pulse, I could use the Bluesound as soundbar.

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I recently solved an issue I had with my Atom and HDMI sound dropping out… I adjusted the lip sync on the atom and for some reason this caused sound to drop out and skip occasionally. I then put atom back to normal and adjusted lip sync in the tv instead. No more problems.

Me too.
I’m having the same problem.
I used Mo-So 2 and Samsung the frame 2019

I would advise getting in touch with Naim tech support.

I found problem.
I have two different model samsung tv.
One is samsung the frame 2019 65’ and other is 2012 model. 2012 model is good working.!

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