MuSo 2 Dropping out

We’re experiencing occassional drop outs on the MuSo Gen 2, it’s constantly on Radio 2 as that’s what my wife prefers! So I’ve not been able to check with Radio Paradise (RP) in the last few days. Drop outs happen just for a few seconds, then back OK, but it’ll come and go until I get fed up and switching to BBC Sounds and Airplaying to the MuSo, then no problems.

When my wife is out and I’m on RP all is well.

I’ve reset the MuSo, reset the router, got Internet Provider to check and they say all is well, speed is consistently good.

Any ideas? As it’s getting annoying!


Is it ethernet wired?

Extra info useful. Country, ISP? Muso firmware version number (latest isn’t a number)!
What is connected to your network? Any Sky Q box or IoT?
Time of day when drop outs occur; every day?
Which R2 feed?

It might be worth deleting the R2 preset, searching for BBC R2 again and re-saving it as a preset.
Worth a try.

Ahh, good points, apologies, as this is all a bit confusing… this is over wifi, and I’m in the UK, I’m naturally assumed everyone is in the UK ( :joy:) ! ISP is PlusNet, no idea of firmware - how do I tell? No Sky or whatever IoT is, seems to happen both morning and afternoon, I’ve been using the HD Radio 2 channel.

Interestingly, whilst typing this I’ve had it on RP which has also just dropped for a few seconds

Ahh, found Firmware on phone, 4.3.2 (6482), it says it’s up to date.

Understandable, Naim is global brand, but it is necessary to give best info.
Ok, if on wifi, beg borrow or buy a patch cable. Plug into Muso and then to router. It’s a temporary arrangement, if nec order long patch cable.
Likely the plusnet wifi is creating an issue, which if you try the above, will progress trouble shooting.
How long have you had your Plusnet router?
Just to be clear, when the drop out occurs, nothing else is on your network?

Try switching off the 5ghz band.