Muso 2 HDMI Issues


I bought this the other day and setup went fine, streaming and TV audio over HDMI ARC sounded great.

This morning the TV is connected to the Muso and can see it as an input, but doesn’t play audio out and I have no idea why.

My TV is a Samsung Frame if the helps


Ash, by its nature HDMI handshaking can sometimes be a bit hit and miss (more miss than hit in my experience), and the connectors don’t help either; have you tried power cycling both TV and Mu-So? Otherwise, try re-connecting the HDMI lead (make sure both units are switched off when you do this).

Hi Richard, that’s fix it, thanks for the help. We’ll have to see how it goes if I have to do that too often. Voices seem very quiet as well but maybe that’s just what I am watching.

Good news Astu.

Hmmm… it’s disconnecting every time the tv goes off, I’m not sure this is going to work

Sounds like a handshaking issue connected to the TV going into standby.

Your best bet is to let Naim support know about it - give as much detail as possible including exact model number of the TV. There may be something they can do about it in future firmwares or maybe it’s down to a firmware update from Samsung. HDMI handshaking is a minefield…


I never got my 2019 Samsung Frame to work correctly with the Muso-2. I gave up and decided it was not an important feature for me and therefore not worth my time to pursue. I’ll be following up on your outcome to see how it goes for you. I think I was having what has been called a handshaking issue. The audio would keep switching from the HDMI output to the TV speaker output.

Did you connect over bluetooth or just leave it in the end? It’s very frustrating as there are few music first all in one devices with hdmi in for the TV.


I never did connect the TV to the Muso-2. I am still just using the TV speakers. I was thinking of trying the optical out of the Frame TV into the Muso but I never gave that a try.

There is a setting in the Muso under input settings , HDMI auto switching, if this is set to on HDMI input the Muso will power on and off with the TV. Try changing this to one o fate other settings, I use the on any input setting.

I cant even get them to reconnect at the moment, but will try that if I can and wilm call support. I have also picked up a cheap optical cable and if the works then I might return it and have rethink because it was the top of my budget, maybe a sonos thing or similar

@Astu @mike33 I’ve heard from Naim that they are working on the issue - indeed I’m told there’s at least one person there who also owns a Mu-So 2 and a Samsung Frame so they have this exact pairing to work with - and hope to have a fix soon. It’s currently being Beta tested prior to release, if all goes well.

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