Muso 2 hum / white noise

Any Muso 2 owner that can hear hum or white noise coming from the unit when nothing is playing? I can hear it from 3 feet away. Is this normal?

The noise doesn’t charge regardless of volume.

Only thing plugged in is the power cord. I tried it direct to the wall and into an Ansuz Mainz8, no difference.

Try turning the figure 8 mains lead round the other way.

Hi, what could the logic be in reversing the mains lead? Interesting.

Just experience where doing this cured a faint low hum and also it seemed to perform better too.

I find with figure 8 mains leads it’s always best to to try with the figure 8 one way the the other to find which you prefer. Marantz used to use them on some of their CD players and again, I found it made quite a surprising difference; it seemed to affect the timing and engagement factor of the kit more than anything else.

Ah cheers, will try reversing ours.

No change after reversing mains lead. When the house is quiet, I can hear it from 1.5m away. Wonder if it’s defective or just the way it is.

It sounds like there may be an issue if it’s noisy like that. I would contact your dealer.

My dealer will test his unit in the store to see if it’s similar.

Received a new unit. Same white hissing noise. Perhaps louder now, as I can hear it at my listening position (~3m). I’m starting to think this is how the Mu-so was design. What are the chances that 2 units exhibit the same issue.

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A tiny bit of low level hiss is fine, but I thought the issue you were having was hum?

Have you tried plugging into a different socket-outlet? Ideally also try moving the Mu-so to a different room. The chances of two units having the same fault are pretty slim, so it must be something local causing the issue.

P.S. The reason for reversing a figure-8 mains lead is because most electric supplies use the TN system. This means one wire of the mains supply (the Neutral) is referenced to earth. As the capacitive leakage currents in the appliance (Mu-so) power supply are not symmetrical, the leakage current may be different depending on the mains input polarity. This can affect the noise floor, especially if the device is connected to other equipment.

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It’s more like a hiss / white noise. I know a small amount is normal. But the fact that I can hear it at a 3m distance is a bit abnormal.

I have a circuit checker. The outlet tests fine. I reversed the figure-8 lead, same result.

The room had previously separate systems. I could hear similar hiss / white noise coming from speakers at 0.5m or so, certainly not at 3m. But those were high end Class A and Class A/B setups.

How much can you “hear” it? No sure about the Mu-so, but as was discussed in other threads, with the separates it is pretty normal to be able to barely hear a hiss from a few meters away in a very quiet room (also depending on speaker sensitivity). But “hearing” it, say, at the volume of a conversation would not be normal.

At 1m, it’s quite loud. At 3m, barely audible. When music is playing, can’t hear it unless the track is silent.

That’s just in an area so that I can’t say, as I don’t have a Mu-So. For separates, “barely at 3m” seems in the OK range based on reported experiences, including mine, and Richard’s comments. I’m sure Mu-so owners will comment.

Yes, I’m starting to think the hiss / white noise is normal and inherent in the device itself. I will try to tune it out.

Hi there from Greece! I’m dealing with the same problem and the same period as you did. Around Christmas time, it started playing white noise at a very low level volume and something like sparkle. After two or three restarts of the machine the noise magically stops. The white noise is even audible with the audio level closed. These days when I tried to locate the problem I discovered that it must be due to the grounding of the machine. When I touch the dial control and accidentally touch with the rest of my hand the chassis, the machine switches off! This also happens when I even blow the dial control! Today i got in contact with my dealer cause this is my second Muso having problem and i dont even use it often…

I m also posting a video from my youtube channel and see my problem

Are you referring to the short bursts of noise in the video? That sound totally abnormal!

My white noise / hum is a constant speaker noise what you can hear in "regular"speakers too when you get close to the drivers.

Because I was operating it from my cell phone I had not detected that time the bursts in the dial control. I discovered it today by chance, and that’s why i think is a ground issue of the machine. Do you have ground burst if you try touching the dial control? Below i attach a video link with the noise in plain!

That’s faulty. The mu-so should be pretty much silent. I had one right next to me in the office at head height (when sat), there shouldn’t be any noticeable hiss. All that clicking buzzing scratching is certainly not right unless you are picking up interference from something.

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