MuSo 2 -> LG OLED television - best way to connect

Hi everyone,

Im new in this community and I’m having trouble connecting my new MuSo 2 as a soundbar to my new LG OLED television.

What is the best way to Connect TV to speaker? And how? (please provide step by step if possible)

I’ve tried both bluetooth and HDMI arc. I only succeeded with bluetooth - but with a large lack / gab between picture and sound which is not satisfying to experience.

Best regards
Ole Wisler

My Muso-2 is connect via HDMI ARC to my LG TV. Works flawlessly.
You may have to go into settings to set use PCM and not Auto.

Ours is the same setup but uses an optical cable, works flawlessly as well. BTW there are many “interpretations” of the HDMI standard, often mentioned on here.
Good luck

Make sure that the output of the TV matches the input setting on the Muso, often it is a question of getting the settings to match each other

I would use optical

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