Muso 2 Or Sonos beam/ mini sub

Upgrading my TV / soundbar , wondering how the Muso would perform as Stand alone sound bar against the sonos/ mini sub, or is the naim more towards music?all advice welcomed

I expect you’ll find the Sonos ecosystem more tuned to the TV experience, you can add a wireless sub and Play 1 rear speakers for example with relative ease and the HDMI interworking and Dolby Atmos support will likely be more smoothly integrated.
When I reworked my lounge TV setup I ended up with a Uniti Atom and in wall speakers as I was only concerned with 2 channel playback and to use it as a proper music source (without TV on) as needed.
I have Sonos Play speakers in bedrooms/office and the Sonos amp in the kitchen with speakers on top the cupboards. It’s a stable and reliable ecosystem and if TV is your primary use I’d probably lean towards the Sonos option.

I use Nova with MA silver 300 with the TV and that works well but it is not a home theater experience though.

If you have a larger room then Sonos beam alone will not be sufficient and may need additional investment.

Won’t be able to answer your exact query but my suggestion would be if music listening is also your consideration then go the Atom + speakers route , and for home theater experience go for Sonos 5.1.

For musical sound quality get the Muso for sure.
As a soundbar the Muso will take a 2 channel stereo feed from the TV, not a centre channel, and HDMI can be flaky so you may end up using optical. Maybe the Sonos would be a better choice if TV is the primary use.

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